Algothon Virtual in partnership with Aspect is the third annual Algothon organised by the Imperial College Algorithmic Trading Society. We’re excited to bring you 48 hours of intense hacking, bringing the brightest minds together to produce incredible new financial technology.

We’re delighted to offer several talks from field leading researchers in machine learning, as well as workshops to get you up to speed on some of the most exciting new technologies and practices in the field.

This will be an incredible weekend, producing amazing new technologies, learning from some of the best minds in the field, and overall having a great time!


To sign up for Algothon Virtual, please visit and submit the application form.

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$5,000 in prizes

Algothon Virtual 1st place

Algothon Virtual 2nd place

Algothon Virtual 3rd place

Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:


Committee of the Imperial College Algorithmic Trading Society

Committee of the Imperial College Algorithmic Trading Society

Judging Criteria

  • Challenge-specific performance
    Each challenge will have its performance metrics and judging will be carried out accordingly. More information on the challenges and judging process will be released as Algothon Virtual approaches.

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